Conference Programme (Day 3)

08:30-10:25 Session 8 : Geospatial Analysis Best practices 2

08:30 08:35 Introduction by chair : Ingrid Kaminger (Statistics Austria)
08:35 08:55 Population distribution in the Republic of Kosovo: a comparative analysis on urban population and its classification based on administrative and non-administrative criteria : Idriz Shala, Burim Limolli (Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Republic of Kosovo)
08:55 09:15 Official grid-based statistics: regional statistics in Andalusia : Iria Enrique Regueira (Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia, Spain)
09:15 09:35 Capturing the Synergy of Geospatial and Statistics: A Singapore’s Perspective : Ng Siau Yong, Angelinie Winarto (Singapore Land Authority)
09:35 09:55 Enhancing reliability of soil sealing indicators by use of geostatistical modeling : Patrick Sillard (Observation and Statistics Service - Ministry of environment, France)
09:55 10:15 A Room with a View or Rear Window? The Demand for Housing Attributes in Paris : Mathilde Poulhes (Observation and Statistics Service - Ministry of environment, France)
10:15 10:25 Summing up by chair : Ingrid Kaminger (Statistics Austria)

10:25-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:35 Session 9 : Dissemination Issues

11:00 11:05 Introduction by chair : Ekkehard Petri (European Commission)
11:05 11:25 Geostatistics Portal – new developments and future plans : Miroslaw Migacz (Central Statistical Office, Poland)
11:25 11:45 An open and closed case? Dissemination and the use of proprietary suppliers in an open data world : Ian Coady (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)
11:45 12:05 Table Joining Service: The solution for INSPIRE themes without geometry : Pieter Bresters (Statistics Netherlands)
12:05 12:25 Spatial Statistics on Web 2 and Oskari : Timo Aarnio, Jani Kylmäaho (National Land Survey of Finland)
12:25 12:35 Summing up by chair : Ekkehard Petri (European Commission)

12:35-12:45 Announcement of the EFGS-2017 Conference : Dermot Corcoran (Statistics Ireland)

12:45-13:00 Conference Closing : Marie Haldorson (Statistics Sweden) and Olivier Sautory (Statistics France)

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:30-17:00 EFGS General Assembly at Insee (salle Malinvaud)


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